About Blondo Shoes
The name of Blondo is synonymous with quality, refinement and comfort. Blondo has the ultimate goal of creating footwear that will bring pleasure to walk and move to its customers. For that reason, leathers are selected with care for their texture and suppleness. Soles are developed to offer flexibility, adherence and durability. Blondo works hard to remain at the cutting edge of fashion. You will find waterproof boots that offer contemporary style yet have unparalleled protection from the winter elements.
Be Comfortable by Blondo
Blondo reinvents comfort with its Be Comfortable by Blondo line. This revolutionary patented technology, exclusive to Blondo, redefines industry standards to offer your feet the ultimate comfort experience.
Breathable and expandable. Here are the two key principles of this innovative technology that finally allows your feet to “Be comfortable” with each step all day long.
Be Comfortably by Blondo proposes a comfort solution blending beautiful styles with up-to-the-minute fashion trends, using soft and supple leathers in an array of warm and attractive colors.
Wherever you go, whatever you do, simply “Be Comfortable”!

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